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We have developed and are currently executing two utility-scale solar PV projects with our JV partners, Fonroche Energie Sas under the NVVN scheme of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM).
Development services are provided by the JV entity, PR Fonroche Private Limited.

Name Fonroche Raajhans
Location Gajner (Bikaner)
Capacity 5 MWac
Commissioning Date 23 Dec 2012
Energy Generation 9,280 MWh per year
Co2 Offset 7,610 tCO2eq per year
Name Fonroche Saaras
Location Gajner (Bikaner)
Capacity 15 MWac
Commissioning Date 21 Jan 2013
Energy Generation 28,691 MWh per year
Co2 Offset 23,525 tCO2eq per year
Name Tech Mahindra
Location Pune (Maharashtra)
Capacity 250KWp (Rooftop)
Commissioning Date 04 Feburary 2015
Energy Generation 410 MWh per year
Co2 Offset 337 tCO2eq per year
Name Karigori Bhavan (WBREDA)
Location Kolkata (West Bengal)
Capacity 100 KWp (Rooftop)
Commissioning Date 23 July 2015
Energy Generation 152 MWh per year
Co2 Offset 125 tCO2eq per year